Meet the Super Chefs

Ritu Dalmia

Meet The Super Chef Ritu Dalmia
At The Westin, Gurgaon
17th November
3 to 6 pm

When you want to get something done right, you learn only from the very best. Chef Ritu Dalmia cooked some of her favourite recipes from her shows on NDTV Good Times. You have seen her work her magic time and again, and for some lucky few it was a chance to get a taste of the Chef’s cooking.

Her recipes:

Pasta Carbonara
Pearl Barley Salad with Pomegranate and Avocado
Risotto with Pumpkin and Red Wine

Vicky Ratnani

Meet The Super Chef Vicky Ratnani
At The Westin, Mumbai
18th November
3 to 6 pm

Aditya Bal

Meet The Super Chef Aditya Bal
At Le Meridien, Bangalore
20th November
3 to 6 pm

You have seen him cook on NDTV Good Times, and some of you got to watch Chef Aditya Bal in action. Watch and learn, is the chef’s motto. Even as the girls swoon and aspiring chefs ooh! and aah! Chef Aditya Bal doesn’t miss a step.

His recipes:
Dilli Ki Fried Aloo Chaat
Bengali Doi Maach
Zaffrani Pulao

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